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Ashtray storage storage Can you accept high-tech funeral methods?

2019-07-05 18:17
   Qingming festival, bring a bunch of flowers, a few delicious dishes, to the grave of the deceased to place a mourning.
What kind of new experience will there be when this traditional way of paying respects meets high-tech?
Ruyi cemetery, ruixi ecological garden in yuhang jingshan, not only achieves "the tomb is not the tomb", but also USES intelligent equipment for the first time. This refreshingly new sacrificial culture is an attempt to build a "hangzhou sample" of comprehensive funeral reform in hangzhou.
Is the tomb of the tomb, hidden in the tea garden
The bamboo forest is green and the tea is fragrant. Ruyi cemetery is not a cemetery at all, but more like a collection of leisure tourism garden, not only tea garden, bamboo museum, but also the national school, meditation hall.
What comes into view is jing shan tea garden, which covers an area of 200 mu. A piece of emerald green tea garden, the original "river bank tea hidden" new section buried.
The tomb hides in the tea, is the tomb does not see the tomb. "During the construction, all the tea fields will be preserved, and traditional forms of cutting down will not be used to build tombs and replant trees for greening. Instead, they use small art tablets that cover a small area."
According to the staff, there is also a small innovation in the way of burial. A customized stainless steel groove is used to plant turf in the groove, and the stainless steel groove can be directly lifted during the first and second placement. The effect of replacing the traditional hole cover with lawn not only increases the green area of the tomb area, but also reduces the tomb area to the minimum, with the double hole area of the tomb area less than 0.29 square meters.
Family memorial:
Use electronic equipment to realize resource sharing
In the ancient Confucian ethics, the family concept is very deep, most will set up their own family memorial hall. Here, the time-sharing family memorial hall is established with the concept of electronic equipment and resource sharing.
In the small memorial hall, the wall is equipped with LCD display screen, which can display family motto, family tree, en rong lu, the voice, countenance and appearance of ancestors, etc., and can accommodate 10~20 people for worship and memorial activities at the same time.
It can be used only by making an appointment in advance, which maximizes resource sharing. This is a national initiative.
Cremains storage:
Introduce intelligent sorting system in logistics industry
In addition to the cemetery, the cemetery also has a storage area for cremains. In the new Chinese architecture imitating tang and song dynasties, changqing hall is the building for columbarium storage.
Three buildings, respectively named pine, bamboo, chrysanthemum. A total of 17,524 urns can be deposited, with 34 memorial positions on the outside. The memorial positions are available in Chinese and western styles.
Memorial place, are separated by wooden doors. On the memorial stage, there is an electronic audio-visual device that can play the life of the deceased, as well as an electronic incense burner and flower offerings. Advance cell phone appointment, the urn will be slowly raised. "Families can come and worship, talk, have futons, have chairs, worship time is 15 to 20 minutes." Staff introduction.
When it's over, the urn will slowly drop down again. The next family waits a little while before they can pay their respects.
Lifting of urns, fully intelligent operation.
It is like a large modern warehouse, with individual compartments on the shelves, where urns are kept. With a mobile phone, a robotic arm removes the urn, places it on the belt and slowly moves forward until it falls below the memorial bit and rises again. It only takes two or three minutes.
The transmission belt is divided into upper and lower layers, which can be transferred from the upper layer and retracted from the lower layer without causing "traffic jam".
In fact, this principle is derived from the intelligent sorting system in the logistics industry, which is connected by the computer system and the mobile phone terminal, and the family members make their own appointments and the equipment operates by itself. The use of the system in the funeral industry is also the first in the country.
"More than 10,000 urns, if placed in a cemetery, would require a large area of land. The smart columbarium can effectively increase the storage amount and use efficiency by compressing storage space. In fact, intelligent application, but also in the ecological section of the burial of a trial. Civil affairs related person in charge said.
The parties to the claim
For this new type of funeral
What do you think
Citizens have different degrees of acceptance of the new concept.
"It's intelligent and ritualistic, and for a small family, I think it's acceptable. Land was scarce, and the price of cemeteries is now high. It's a cost-effective way to store ashes at 20 yuan for a year." Mr Zhang says times are different and he can accept it.
There are different voices, of course. "Chinese people pay attention to being buried in peace, and the ashes are stored in a cemetery. That's the dead person's home after birth. It was a technological move, but it was a bit uncomfortable." "Says ms Chen, a resident.


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