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Bright light

2019-09-04 06:11
Bright light
      The light is a kind of lamp dedicated to the gods. It is small in size and large in number. It is designed to be used by believers and prolongs its burning time. In Asia, Buddhism and Taoist temples, there are often bright lights, sometimes called The light of peace, in Europe and the United States, in the Catholic church, a small candle holder like a light lamp, let the believers ignite, and represent their faith in the truth to shine on others.
      In modern temples, the bright lights are many believers. In the past, the use of candles or oil lamps, the large amount of smoke caused many problems, so the design of modern tower-type Buddha columns and Wanfo wall can be seen in many temples in Taiwan. The tower-shaped bright lamp post is a small compartment in each floor, through the cold LED lamp beads, through the outside of the glass Buddha statue, with the name of the worshipper (usually written in red pen).
      In folk customs, if you encounter the birth year, it is the so-called guilty too old. If you want to resolve it, you must go to the temple - the light is shining for one year. Or during the New Year, give yourself a light, and have the meaning of shining the future. In addition, the temple usually does not accept light for the dead.
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