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Warmly celebrate the new revision of our company's official website

2019-10-16 09:17
In this ever-changing and ever-changing information age, in order to expand the brand influence of Jiangxi Gutele in and outside the industry, we will further play the role of the company's website in external publicity and communication. With the strong support of the company's leadership, the relevant departments will jointly After hard work, after more than three months of careful planning and design, we finally completed a new revision of the company's official website. The new website was officially launched on November 1, 2019!
      The newly redesigned website adopts a natural and simple design style, which makes full use of the popular website design elements. It has carried out comprehensive innovations in terms of overall architecture, interaction and visual effects, giving visitors a refreshing feeling!
      We have streamlined and improved the original columns and contents, so that the information of each column is more clear and beautiful, and it can satisfy the visitors' understanding and needs of our company's information.
      In addition, in order to adapt to the increasing demand for mobile device access, the new website uses the popular responsive website technology, which enables viewers to get a unified access experience on desktop, notebook or mobile phones!
      On the occasion of the new revision of the company's website, we also wish the company's new and old customers all the best, and wish the company's colleagues work smoothly.
New website, new content, looking forward to your visit!
      Note: At this stage, the content of the new website is still being updated and improved. We will solve the problems and shortcomings during the trial operation of the website. At the same time, you are welcome to provide valuable comments and suggestions during the process of browsing the new website. We will adopt it with care and improve it carefully, and strive to build the website more abundantly and comprehensively.
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