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France launches new choice for green funeral

2019-07-05 18:18
Europeans have made new choices in the past, and France recently opened the first forest for the burial of biodegradable urns. It is located in a small village at the foot of the southern Pyrenees. It can be buried by a single person. Book a family location.
According to reports, the forest land is called "Fontaine de l'Ours", located in the small village of Arbas, tens of kilometers south of Toulouse, about one hectare, with more than 40 trees, about to be buried. 216 urns.
Those who are interested in tree burial can choose one of different tree species such as eucalyptus and cedar. After the body is cremated, the ashes will be placed in a biodegradable wooden or fiber ash jar and buried under the tree.
According to reports, France started in this respect later than Germany. Environmental law scholar Conte Duvitt began to conceive the feasibility of tree burial several years ago, and obtained a license for funeral workers, and then established a tree burial company.
Arbas only had about 250 residents. After listening to Duvet's ideas, they quickly agreed to cooperate. The head of the village, Saviak, said that although she was a little hesitant at first, she was quickly convinced, and even her family had booked several tree burial locations.
Saviak said that in order to achieve this plan, the French National Wildlife Service and the local hunters who are familiar with the forest are working together. "This is not a cemetery, but a person who wants to be close to nature."
According to reports, the forest tree burial program was launched in May this year. Many people want to book a location. The price for a single location is 175 euros (about 1367 yuan), and the family position is up to 1000 euros.


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