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Nan xian funeral reform dress up "life back garden"

2019-07-16 16:22
The newly paved cement roads are clean and tidy, and rows of lush osmanthus trees are swaying in the wind. The marble-built tombs are solemn and solemn... On July 8, a white flower in the Yuge Ecological Cemetery, Huage Town, Nan County A piece of black yarn, hosted by the village cadre, a simple funeral but not dignified, simple but touched the heart. Separated from the cemetery is the original graveyard, which environment is good, and which way of burial is more civilized, everyone knows. Nanxian closely focuses on the construction of Huimin, green, and civilized funeral, comprehensively promotes the cremation of the remains, rectifies the scattered burial, and strives to crack the "bottleneck" and "stubborn disease" that restrict the construction of grassroots rural civilization. At present, 12 towns and towns in the county have built ecological public welfare cemeteries. This year, 106 people have been buried in the ecological environment. A funeral revolution that shares the “post-life garden” has become the main theme of the rural “behind the scenes” in Nanxian County.
In recent years, in order to better serve the funeral and burial cause, to improve people's livelihood and promote spiritual civilization and ecological civilization construction, Nan County has continuously improved its working mechanism, established a county funeral reform leading group, and included the funeral reform work in the county's performance evaluation content. The funeral reform has been extended from the county to the township, and the management system has been further improved. The county has formed a good working mechanism of government promotion, departmental cooperation, linkage, and mass participation. At the same time, Nan County continued to implement four basic funeral and welfare policies, allowing Huimin to be implemented, and exempting the basic funeral services from the needy through government subsidies. In the past three years, the basic funeral expenses for the urban and rural people have been reduced by 1.534 million yuan; Public opinion, policy guidance, party members and cadres demonstration and other measures, the solemn, simple, civilized, green, and frugal modern funeral burial method is gradually understood and accepted by the people. The voluntary cremation rate of rural residents has been increasing year by year, and the civilized sacrifices have become a trend.
To promote funeral reform, infrastructure construction must be strengthened. Nanxian actively raised funds, invested more than 100 million yuan to build a new funeral parlour covering an area of ​​164 mu and 6,000 ash storage. The ecological burial facilities such as tree burial, flower burial and wall burial have laid a foundation for the 100% cremation of the remains. . At the same time, the 12 townships and towns in the county completed the site selection, approval, planning, design and construction of rural public welfare cemeteries in a short time according to the work ideas of point-to-face, demonstration and comprehensive promotion.
“Huage Town Public Welfare Ecological Cemetery was built in the original graveyard. It was planted by the town to be greened and beautified. After completion, it can save more than 200 mu of cultivated land and meet the 30-year funeral needs of more than 10 villages nearby. At the same time, the ecological environment and the customs are reduced, and the burden on the masses has been alleviated. Chen Chu, deputy director of the Nanxian Civil Affairs Bureau, told reporters that with the deepening of the funeral reform, the recognition and satisfaction of the people of Nanxian County on public welfare cemeteries generally rose.
This year, Nanxian proposed “zero action”, that is, from 0:00 on January 1, 2020, all the remains of urban and rural residents in the county were cremated. In order to ensure the implementation of the action, Nan County regards the funeral burial regulations and policy propaganda work as an important starting point for promoting the funeral and burial reform, focusing on the theme of “breaking funeral habits and establishing a new civilization” and making full use of television, internet and publicity columns. Media such as electronic screens are promoted. In the prime time, the county television relay station scrolled through the county's funeral concentration and rectification dynamics, propaganda feature films, propaganda slogans, and publicized funeral management regulations, methods and centralized rectification implementation plans in urban areas and townships. Towns and villages posted more than 4,000 announcements of the county government on strengthening the management of funeral and burial, printed more than 50,000 copies of the funeral regulations and regulations, and produced 62 propaganda banners and 34 fixed slogans, making the funeral reform policy a household name. This year, there were 1472 cremation bodies in Nanxian County, the cremation rate increased by 20% compared with previous years, and the cremation rate of urban residents' bodies was 100%.


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