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gualuo buddha

Productparameters  Productbrand:GutlerProductRemarks:Specifications,materials,colorsandmanufacturingprocessescanbecustomizedaccordingtoactualneeds.   Features  Thefunctionofdecoratingandprotectingthesideoftheboxcanalsobeconvenientlymanagedataglanceaccordingtotheon-siteidentificationofthestoragerack. Humanizeddesign  Theassemblyofthetopandbottomaluminumalloyandthedoorpanelisconnectedbyaspecialconnectingpiece,whichisbothbeautifulandavoidscollisionandscratchingbypersonnel.Safetysettings:Eachacupointcanbearmorethan100kgweight.Boxstructure:Alltheproductsofthecompanyadoptthecombinationofassembling,locking,reinforcedandwholematerialstoreducetheprocessingmethodssuchasspotwelding,cutting,drillingandvariousmaterials,andimprovetheintegrityofthewholebox.Thestabilityoftheuseoflaterproducts.Reasonableplanning:Allproductsaregreatlyreducedinspaceandenergyconsumptionintermsofstructureandusage,andimprovethecostperformanceofproductsintodevelopmentanddesign.Theplacesyoucansee,thequalityisreliable,theplacesyoucan'tsee,andthesecurity. ProductComposition Theashesstoragerackiscomposedofabox,apanel,asidepanel,atopcover,abase,acorner,asealingplate,andthelike,andarelatedcomponentsuchasaBuddhisttable,ahangingframe,aBuddhistaltar,andthelike. Buddhism,hanging:theentirerowofstorageracksinordertodividethearea,ineachareaonthewallside,setupasmallBuddhistaltar,forthesakeofbeauty,plushanging.ProductMaterial Metalplate:Thesurfaceisnano-sprayedwithThaigoldtreatment,whichenhancesthescratchresistanceandoxidationresistanceofthepanel;thetensilestrengthisnotlessthan220N/mm2,anditdoesnotfadeordeformwithin50years.Aluminumalloyprofile:surfacepolishing,anodizedgoldsandtreatment,thesurfaceoftheprofileisenhancedbyscratchresistanceandoxidationresistance,andthetensilestrengthisnotlessthan220N/mm2.Doesnotfadein50yearswithoutdeformation.    1.Afterassemblyineachstandardcolumn,thelimitdeviationoftheouterdimensions(length,width,height)is±1mm.   2.Aftereachstandardcolumnisassembled,thegapbetweenthedoorpanelandtheboxislessthan1mm,andthegapbetweenthesidepanelandtheframeislessthan1mm.   3.Thetopandthebasehaveadeviationofparallelismofnotmorethan1mm/mandatotallengthofnotmorethan1mm;thedeviationofparallelismonthesamesectionisnotmorethan1mm/m,andthetotallengthisnotmorethan1mm.   4,withlightproducts,thesurfaceoftheboxshouldnotbeexposed,aballastdeviceforevery200doors,asafetyprotectiondeviceforeverythousanddoors.   5.ThelimitdeviationoftheunfilledtolerancedimensionofthepartisinaccordancewithIT13-14inGB1804. Patentforinvention  Reprinted:Gutler'spatentedproductsaretheresultofyearsofinvestmentanddevelopmentbythecompany.Theyhavenationalpatentrightsandareprotectedbylaw.Ifthereisacopy,theywillbeheldliable.
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Buddha, hanging
Product description
Product parameters

Product brand: Gutler
Product Remarks: Specifications, materials, colors and manufacturing processes can be customized according to actual needs.

The function of decorating and protecting the side of the box can also be conveniently managed at a glance according to the on-site identification of the storage rack.
Humanized design

The assembly of the top and bottom aluminum alloy and the door panel is connected by a special connecting piece, which is both beautiful and avoids collision and scratching by personnel.
Safety settings: Each acupoint can bear more than 100 kg weight.
Box structure: All the products of the company adopt the combination of assembling, locking, reinforced and whole materials to reduce the processing methods such as spot welding, cutting, drilling and various materials, and improve the integrity of the whole box. The stability of the use of later products.
Reasonable planning: All products are greatly reduced in space and energy consumption in terms of structure and usage, and improve the cost performance of products into development and design.
The places you can see, the quality is reliable, the places you can't see, and the security.
Product Composition

The ashes storage rack is composed of a box, a panel, a side panel, a top cover, a base, a corner, a sealing plate, and the like, and a related component such as a Buddhist table, a hanging frame, a Buddhist altar, and the like.
Buddhism, hanging: the entire row of storage racks in order to divide the area, in each area on the wall side, set up a small Buddhist altar, for the sake of beauty, plus hanging.
Product Material

Metal plate: The surface is nano-sprayed with Thai gold treatment, which enhances the scratch resistance and oxidation resistance of the panel; the tensile strength is not less than 220N/mm2, and it does not fade or deform within 50 years.
Aluminum alloy profile: surface polishing, anodized gold sand treatment, the surface of the profile is enhanced by scratch resistance and oxidation resistance, and the tensile strength is not less than 220N/mm2. Does not fade in 50 years without deformation.
       1. After assembly in each standard column, the limit deviation of the outer dimensions (length, width, height) is ±1mm.
     2. After each standard column is assembled, the gap between the door panel and the box is less than 1mm, and the gap between the side panel and the frame is less than 1mm.
     3. The top and the base have a deviation of parallelism of not more than 1 mm/m and a total length of not more than 1 mm; the deviation of parallelism on the same section is not more than 1 mm/m, and the total length is not more than 1 mm.
     4, with light products, the surface of the box should not be exposed, a ballast device for every 200 doors, a safety protection device for every thousand doors.
     5. The limit deviation of the unfilled tolerance dimension of the part is in accordance with IT13-14 in GB1804.
Patent for invention

Reprinted:Gutler's patented products are the result of years of investment and development by the company. They have national patent rights and are protected by law. If there is a copy, they will be held liable.
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