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Zeng Fu Ju 11

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Product parameters

Product brand: Gutler
Factory standard size: single acupoint 400 wide * 300 high * 300 deep (mm)
Double acupoints 700 wide * 300 high * 300 deep (mm)
Product Remarks: Specifications, materials, colors and manufacturing processes can be customized according to actual needs.

The whole material is made of pure aluminium alloy by one-time die-casting. The box body is equipped with dragon and Phoenix patterns. The surface is made of glazed panels and LED lights. The top cover and base are made of high-quality aluminium alloy.

Humanized design

The assembly of top and bottom aluminium alloy and door panels is connected by special connectors, which is beautiful and avoids collision and scratch of personnel.
Safety Settings: Each acupoint can bear more than 100 kilograms of weight.
Box structure: All products of our company adopt assembly, locking, reinforcing and the use of whole materials to reduce spot welding, cutting, drilling, multi-materials and other processing methods, improve the overall stability of the box, and the stability of later product use.
Reasonable planning: All products in the structure and use mode, greatly reducing space occupation and energy consumption, to improve the cost-effective products, integrated into development and design.
Visible places, reliable quality, invisible places, to ensure safety.
Product Composition

The ashes storage frame is composed of box body, panel, side board, top cover, base, corner, sealing board, and related accessories such as Buddhist terrace, hanging and niche. Box body: divided into galvanized plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and other hardware board box body, aluminum alloy hollow plate buckled box body and pure aluminum die-casting box body. Panel: According to the different technology and materials, the panel has different styles. It is not only beautiful and easy to classify, but also has the functions of fire prevention, dust prevention, moisture-proof and insect prevention. Side plate: used for decoration and protection of the side of the box, and according to the site, the classification of the storage shelf marking role, easy to manage at a glance. Top Cover and Base: They are all in a stable arrangement and a whole row of box horizontal lines. Base also plays a part of the load-bearing role. Turning angle and sealing plate: the role of shaping at the corner and gap of the box body. Fotai: A small niche terrace consisting of several ashes storage shelves is used for placing Buddha statues. Buddhist niches and hangings: In order to divide the area, the whole row of storage shelves are set up near the wall above each area, and small Buddhist niches are added to the shelves for the sake of beauty.

Product Material

Metal plate: The surface is nano-sprayed with Thai gold treatment, which enhances the scratch resistance and oxidation resistance of the panel; the tensile strength is not less than 220N/mm2, and it does not fade or deform within 50 years.
Aluminum alloy profile: surface polishing, anodized gold sand treatment, the surface of the profile is enhanced by scratch resistance and oxidation resistance, and the tensile strength is not less than 220N/mm2. Does not fade in 50 years without deformation.
       1. After assembly in each standard column, the limit deviation of the outer dimensions (length, width, height) is ±1mm.
       2. After each standard column is assembled, the gap between the door panel and the box is less than 1mm, and the gap between the side panel and the frame is less than 1mm.
       3. The top and the base have a deviation of parallelism of not more than 1 mm/m and a total length of not more than 1 mm; the deviation of parallelism on the same section is not more than 1 mm/m, and the total length is not more than 1 mm.
       4, with light products, the surface of the box should not be exposed, a ballast device for every 200 doors, a safety protection device for every thousand doors.
       5. The limit deviation of the unfilled tolerance dimension of the part is in accordance with IT13-14 in GB1804.
Patent for invention

Reprinted:Gutler's patented products are the result of years of investment and development by the company. They have national patent rights and are protected by law. If there is a copy, they will be held liable.
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