There are four types of cemetery:1.Emperor Mausoleum.also known as”Garden of the Garden”:2.Characteristic cemetery,which refers to the burial on memorial place formed by the occurrence of a certain event;3.Ordinary cemetery cemetery,it generally does not The special requirements are mainly to bur the places where people from all walks of life have died.Accordina to the domestic conditions.the burial of ashes is the main reason.The Ordinary Publi Cemeterv will become the most burial place in the cemeterv in the future4 The Revolutionarv Martvrs Cemeterv a dedicated cemetery for martvrs who sacrificed their lives for nationalliberation and nationalindependencefor patriotic education and education for the country

The manadement oroanization is mainlv the Ministrv of Civil Affairs.which is atvpe of burial form of thecemeteryWith the develooment of the times.the reauirements of moder cemetery construction are moving towards landscape,artthree-dimensionalindividualized and industrialized