Sangzhi County, Hunan Province Strengthens the “Four Fours” Measures to Accelerate the Reform of Funeral and Interment

Since the start of the funeral reform work, Sangzhi County has strengthened the four guarantees, increased the four propaganda, highlighted the four rectifications, and promoted the four implementations. The Funeral Reform Advancing Network.

1. Strengthen the “four guarantees”, and the funeral reform has “confidence”.

One is organizational security. The county party committee and the county government attach great importance to the reform of funeral and interment, and set up an organizational structure to adjust and enrich the leading group for the reform of the county’s funeral and interment. Relevant departments and the principals of 23 townships are members. There is an office under the leading group, which is responsible for daily work, clarifying responsibilities and assigning responsibilities to people, to ensure that every stage and link of the funeral reform is under the control of someone. The second is personnel protection. The Sangzhi County Civil Affairs Administration (Funeral) Law Enforcement Brigade was established, with 5 full-scale career establishments, 5 staff members, and a special office space; each township was equipped with 1 funeral administrator; each village (residential) was equipped with funeral services 1 information officer, specializing in the daily work of funeral reform. At the same time, 299 forest rangers in the county were added to the status of “burial patrollers”, forming a “trinity” funeral network of county, township and village. The third is institutional guarantee. More than 10 documents, including “Sangzhi County’s Three-Year (2020-2022) Action Plan for Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of the Funeral and Interment Industry” and “Sangzhi County’s Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Reform of the Funeral and Interment Industry and Promoting the Development of the Funeral and Interment Industry,” were issued to promote the continuous and orderly progress of the funeral industry. The reform pointed out the direction and provided the fundamental follow-up. Fourth, financial security. In accordance with the principle of “full guarantee of personnel funds, standard guarantee of public funds, adequate guarantee of basic people’s livelihood, and guarantee of specific goals”, the county’s finance will give preference and support in terms of people, finance, and materials, so as to achieve infrastructure construction, funerals and burials. Funds such as benefits for the people, work commendation and awards will be prioritized and guaranteed to ensure the implementation of the county’s funeral reform work.

2. Increase the “four propaganda”, and the reform of funeral and burial will enter the “people’s heart”.

One is conference publicity. At the county level, the county party committee standing committee meeting, the government executive meeting, the funeral reform leading group member meeting and the funeral reform county, township, and village three-level video conference were held; The funeral reform higher-level meeting and the spirit of the document were systematically communicated and studied. The second is the publicity of the Internet, display screens, and sending dramas to the countryside. During the Spring Festival and Tomb-sweeping Day, 350,812 person-times of civilized sacrifice sweeping text messages and WeChat messages were sent using the mobile phone platform; civilized sacrifice sweeping slogans were placed on the outdoor display screens of hotels, hotels and institutions in the county. At the same time, the funeral reform work was carried out to promote the rural revitalization literature and art publicity activities. A total of 25 operas were sent to the countryside, more than 10,000 publicity brochures were distributed on the spot, and a consulting service station was set up to answer questions for the masses on the spot, serving more than 2,000 people. Through multi-channel and multi-method publicity, let more people care and support the funeral reform in Sangzhi County. The third is to sign a letter of commitment, issue a letter of proposal and information and other publicity. Strengthen the “three leaderships” of party members and cadres, that is, take the lead in civilized and low-carbon sacrifices, take the lead in eliminating bad habits, take the lead in propaganda and implementation, and 21,336 party members and cadres in the county signed a letter of commitment; civilized sacrifices were posted at township street intersections, village (residential) public columns, etc. More than 1,360 proposals were scanned, 47 fixed publicity boards were produced, more than 230 banners and slogans were hung, and more than 20,000 funeral publicity materials were printed and distributed. The fourth is the propaganda of flower sacrifice. During the Spring Festival and Qingming Festival, the County Civil Affairs Bureau, Liyuan Township and Liujiaping Township Government carried out activities to replace firecrackers with flowers. More than 10 service points were set up at Baotashan Cemetery and main street intersections, and more than 4,800 bouquets (sticks) of flowers were distributed free of charge. Through multi-channel and multi-method publicity, the influence of the funeral reform has been expanded, and more people have been concerned and supported by the funeral reform.

3. Highlight the “four rectifications” and eliminate “bad habits” in funeral reform.

One is the rectification of the manufacture, sale and use of non-degradable sacrificial articles. Inspected 258 merchants selling sacrificial supplies, persuaded 126 merchants selling non-degradable sacrificial supplies to rectify, confiscated 2 merchants with substandard supplies, and confiscated more than 240 plastic Qingming hanging banners, more than 60 plastic wreaths and RMB image sacrificial supplies Over 200 stacks. The second is the “three along the six districts” cemetery greening and blocking action. Some tombs in the “three along the six districts” have been effectively covered by greening. Since the beginning of this year, 623 tombs and 5,960 green plants have been covered by greening in the county. The third is the rectification of illegal production and sales of tombstones. There are 115 tombstone manufacturing enterprises in the county, persuading the tombstone manufacturing enterprises that do not meet the regulations to make rectification, and shutting down 11 unlicensed tombstone manufacturing enterprises and no longer permitting them. Fourth, rectification actions for prominent problems such as living tombs and clan cemeteries. In accordance with territorial management and the principles of “controlling increments, eliminating stock, and curbing chaos”, since this year, 1,091 living tombs and clan tombs have been investigated and found in the county, and demolished in stages according to law. Civilization new wind.

Fourth, to promote the “four implementations”, funeral reform has a “system”.

The first is to promote the implementation of the assessment and supervision mechanism. Incorporate the funeral reform into the content of the performance appraisal of the county party committee and the county government and the inspection content of the key work of the county commission for discipline inspection, the inspection office of the county party committee, and the inspection office of the county government throughout the year. Advanced units and individuals are to be commended at the county economic work conference award. The second is to promote the implementation of the dynamic management mechanism. Establish a dynamic management mechanism for the information of the deceased and dynamic management of tombs, and the township and county-level departments such as public security and health care timely register the information of the deceased and establish a work ledger. Townships and villages (communities) shall conduct a thorough investigation of the graves within their jurisdiction, clarify the numbers, and classify and register newly added tombs to realize the dynamic management of the death information and tombs of the whole county. The third is to promote the implementation of project construction. The construction of Fushan Park (Guanzhuang Cemetery) has completed the construction of the entrance road, surveying and demarcation, household measurement of 156.5 mu, public announcement of 117.71 mu, compensation for land acquisition of 25 households of 62.23 mu, etc. The bidding process has been completed in August, and the bid winning notice has been issued. Book, construction in September; preliminary site selection for rural public cemetery in Kongkeshu Township and Zaomaping Baizu Township; Taping Township) is under construction. The fourth is to supervise the rectification and implementation of problems. For the feedback of non-degradable sacrificial supplies manufacturers and business households, organize and carry out surveys, build a registration ledger, and ensure that specific problems are rectified in place. “Look back” on the implementation of the county’s funeral reform, and timely check for omissions and fill vacancies.
























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